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L.O.V.E. Living Oneness Vast Evolution Productions

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98870 Bourail

New Caledonia

Please note:

We are no association. There is no membership. We are a free group of friends trying to help the planet before we leave.


Threats and patents are useless. The DryCell is Open Source already. It is all public, free of patents and may be rebuilt and modified by anyone free of charge, as you find e.g. here.


Images and technical information are subject to change and may vary. All measures and figures are approximations and vary from individual make and other factors. Please keep in mind that this an Open Source experiment which is in constant development.


We are not responsible for other publications, other authors, links and literature mentioned anywhere in the book, the film or online. Links to external sources are supplied for your information only. We do not watch any of these websites and we do not care what is going on there. We do not necessarily agree with them and we are not responsible for their works. We are all adults. Please judge for yourself and verify if uncertain. In case of doubt please consult authorised specialists.


Any third party material we publish must be their own work and copyright. We publish it with the explicit consent of the owners only. Please publish further developments to help free knowledge remain free. Use your brain and common sense. Have a good time! :-)