Please Carefully Read This

This DIY manual is not intended for the average customer. We show you technical experiments which are still undergoing development. They can still contain errors and are therefore intended for adults only. You will need technical skills, patience and enthusiasm. If not, get a certified specialist to help you.

Safety First

Use at your own risk. Keep away from others, especially from children, animals, furniture, beverages and food. Keep away from mobile phones, explosives and flammable materials. Do not smoke. Keep a fire extinguisher at hand. Keep away from rain, fire, puddles, storms and any other influences of weather. Work in a dry and appropriate environment suitable for technical experiments, such as a machine workshop. Good air ventilation is absolutely necessary. Do not work if you feel ill, sleepy or if you are drunk. Handle chemicals with care. Store all chemicals in their original containers only and label them appropriately. Never try to swallow distilled water, acids, lyes or any other chemicals. Keep chemicals away from skin and face. Do not inhale oxyhydrogen or any other gases. Do not touch the flame. Be cautious, some materials can get very hot during manufacturing or experiments. Always wear protective clothing, protective glasses, protective gloves, protective footwear and ear protection! In case of an emergency call the ambulance or an emergency doctor. Risk of explosions! Oxyhydrogen is highly inflammable and can explode even at low pressures without warning. Take care of live wires. Mortal danger at above 60 Volts (may differ depending on your local authorities). Always isolate conducting electrical wires and components to prevent short circuits, injuries or damage to the environment. Disconnect from power before you touch anything. Manipulation of existing devices or vehicles should be carried out by certified specialists only. Consult an authorized specialist if you are uncertain with any aspect of the DIY manual, the film or any other situation related.

Thank you for reading!